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    Hello community members! If this is your first time seeing one of my Cherwell Community quarterly enhancement posts, I post about what we are doing and what is on the enhancement list for the upcoming quarter. I wanted to take a moment to let you know ...

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  • Posted in: Forums

    Hi Olivier - You know I'm always thinking crazy ideas. What about something like this: In each opposite Business Object where you want an audit entry, write it manually via a OneStep triggered by an Automation Process. So in your example if you change ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    How's it going everyone. I have a question about Checklists+Tasks/Automation. Here's what I hope to accomplish. When a tech is working an incident and checking off "DONE" on the checklist. Is it possible to assign a task to another team/person when ...

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    We use a highly organized OneDrive shared file structure with the BPs. We've found this to be helpful when we go from Dev to Prod frequently, as well as during upgrades. Other than that, we don't go back to our old BPs very often. It also gives us a ...

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    You could probably first start by exporting your publish log to a csv as far back as you can go. Then you can try to piece it together from there. We just started a similar process of gathering up all our dev projects and needed fixes from our notes. ...


  • Ideascale to Implement Cherwell SSO

    During the week of 7/20, Ideascale will be implementing Cherwell SSO. If you are an Ideascale member and have an SSO account the application will automatically be added to your profile. If you are an Ideascale member and do not have an SSO account, one will be automatically created for you at that time and you will be sent an email to activate it.
  • New Cherwell YouTube Videos

    We’re pleased to share we have four new Cherwell CSM How-To Videos on the Cherwell YouTube playlist, which is a great one-stop shop for Cherwell users to understand how to quickly navigate and solve issues with their CSM solution via self-service. For more information, click here
  • Cherwell Knowledge Resources

    Did you know Cherwell has several knowledge resources available to our customers? Some of these include:Product Documentation , ComAround Knowledge Base, and Cherwell Community
  • CSM Documentation Changes for System Reliance

    The Cherwell Technical Documentation team is working on an ongoing effort to provide more guidance about system reliance (system configuration, performance, monitoring, security, etc.). We published our first set of articles for CSM 10.0.0, but much of the information pertains to earlier versions as well. You can see the full list of new topics here: Overview of What's New in CSM 10.0.0 Click the "Learn More" links to do just that! If you have any feedback for the content we've written, you can use the feedback widget at the bottom of every topic or email help@cherwell.com for new topic ideas.
  • Join the COVID-19 Community Group!

    We're looking for Cherwell user solutions and mApp hacks from our community members! Please be sure to join the COVID-19 Discussions and Resources Group to share and be inspired!